Schools Need Plentti of Support!
And Now They Can Have It.

Plentti provides schools the opportunity to engage and improve communications with parents and solve one of the most disliked features associated with our education system - fundraising. Let's face it, every school needs to fundraise. It's been a part of school DNA forever. But the process of asking for parents support has remained stuck in the past, until now.


Today, Schools no longer need to print paper forms, collect cash and checks, request volunteers to sort through orders, and in the end waste a lot of energy to fundraising. With Plentti, the stress of fundraising is removed.

  • Choose whatever you want to sell
  • Add the products to your Plentti site
  • Sell and see the results

Looking for a way to charge school fees, dance tickets, or graduation ceremony seats without needing handfuls of volunteers? No problem! Simply add these items for sale on your Plentti site. All done!

Plentti helps you raise money. But we also improve parent engagement by allowing your School to communicate upcoming events and other news too. Whether parents check what's going on using the dashboard, or if they request email or text messages, conveniently they are up to date.

It's time to move from the past, and into the future with Plentti, Unlock your parent engagement by automating your school's fundraising needs. Sell what you want, when you want, how you want, without requesting volunteer time from the very same people you hope to support your efforts - parents!

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