Plentti of Sports Teams need to
raise money. Now they have help!

Let Plentti provide your sports team the opportunity to help you raise money - efficiently and profitably. With the freedom to choose what you want to sell, simply add the products to your Plentti site, and start selling. Your parents and other supporters will be grateful for automating the process.

Need to sell tickets to a dinner, sell team merchandise, or raffle tickets - great! Add these to your Plentti site and allow parents to make purchases through the convenience of online e-commerce.


Not only do we help your Team raise money, we improve communications and parent involvement by providing the ability to share events such as game times and practices, your roster and post other news. We allow everyone to manage their account using their dashboard and allow communications to be shared using email or text.

Quite simply, we improve your team's communications and parent engagement, while solving your fundraising requirements. Sell what you want, when you want, how you want, without the typical hassles fundraising brings. There are Plentti of reasons to sign up today.