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  • Creating your School, Team, or Group?

    A: The person who creates the Organization will become the Site Manager, the person responsible for setting things up. Once you have decided on the plan that works for you, in two simple steps, you will create your Organization’s name and set up your username and password. A verification email will be sent confirming your details, and once you complete this step you are ready to go.

  • Once I’ve signed up, how do I access my organization?

  • As Site Manager, What should I do first?

  • I am a volunteer taking this responsibility on. How do I set up my Stripe Account?

  • What should I do after I set up my Stripe Account?

  • How Do I add Members into my Organization?

  • How do I add products and Items to sell on my site?

  • How do I deal with collecting the appropriate taxes if any?

  • What is a Platform Fee (2%)?

  • What happens once we successfully collect purchases for fundraising products or item charges?