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SchoolsHeading Icon

  • Sell fundraising products & collect fees using our simplified ecommerce engine
  • Communicate school events posted on your dashboard, by email or by text.

Move parent/school communication into the present with Plentti. Determine and share your fundraising targets, then sell fundraising products and collect fees using our ecommerce engine. Communicate school events by posting messages on your organization’s dashboard or by email or text message. Most of all, remove the burden of making fundraising requests using paper forms and collecting cash out of your student’s backpacks.

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Sports TeamsHeading Icon

  • List upcoming team events including date, time, and maps
  • Request availability to ensure enough players will attend
  • Share home/away status and final scores with members

Do you require money for tournaments, new uniforms, or extra equipment? Use our ecommerce engine to sell fundraising products or collect fees. At the same time, use your organization’s dashboard to share game and practice schedules, track availability to see who is playing, and communicate with parents by sending emails or texts right from your dashboard. Sell, collect, & communicate online with Plentti.

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Other GroupsHeading Icon

Not a school or a sports team? Are you a non-profit, church group or other non-profit club looking for a simple, cost effective fundraising tool? We'll be serving you soon.....

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Designed For Today's Lifestyle

Need money for those all important tournaments, new set of uniforms or the extra equipment required to play. Fundraise and collect fees using Plentti. While doing so, use your dashboard to communicate your games and practice schedule and pass along messages using email and text. Sell, collect and communicate online.

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School Team

Everything Your School, Team or Group Will Ever Need

School Team

Sell Products And Services

Sell Products and Collect charges for any items/services online. Automate your fundraising efforts.

School Team


Share your Group's news with ease, post messages and allow members to decide whether to view it online or by email/text.

School Team

Schedule Events

Great For scheduling and sharing events. See them on the calendar and receive reminders.

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Some Awesome Features

fundraising ideas

Data Visualization of Your Group's Performance

Set Your Fundraising target and track your Group's progress to reaching your goal. Our graph, top 5 tracker and thermometer provide great visuals to measure your success.

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Communication and Group Messaging Tools

Distribute Communications to your entire group or just a few. Decide whether you want to use email or text or both. Members can view messages online or with their mobile devices.

Fundraising Site

Secured Portal For Members

Privacy and security is everyone's priority. All pertinent information is kept confidential and stays with your Group and purchases are managed by you and your Stripe Account, ensuring your full control and protection.

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Out Of The Box Flexibility Group Management System

Choose the right plan that's perfect for you. Plentti offers you flexibility to add numerous products, select communication tools, and share as much or as little information as you like. Customize your Group site for you!

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Stories From Some of Our Customers

Coming Soon!

We will profile stories from our valued customers who can attest to how simple and easy Plentti is to use. Listen or read their stories how Plentti has simplified their world. Are you interested in sharing your success? Send us a note that describes how Plentti has transformed your School or Sports Team's fundraising and communications! Our customer support team is ready for you.

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Coming Soon Team management

Manage your School, Sports Team, or Group With Plentti - On the Go

Our efforts are focused on allowing access to your Group's Plentti Site on the go. Soon you will be rewarded with all of the some great features from the convenience of your mobile device. Stay tuned!